Egzamin gimnazjalny 2012 język angielski 1-2

Egzamin gimnazjalny 2012

Zadanie 1. (0–5) Usłyszysz dwukrotnie pięć tekstów. Na podstawie informacji zawartych w nagraniu w zadaniach 1.1.–1.5. z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą. Zakreśl literę A, B albo C.


Zadanie 1.
Tekst 1.
Woman: Jack, who’s that playing the piano? Is it your brother?
Man: Yes, he can also play the saxophone.
Woman: Wow, can you play any musical instruments?
Man: Well, I’m not that bad at the guitar but my teacher says I should practise more. And my mum wants me to learn to play the piano, but I keep telling her that it’s not for me.
Tekst 2.
Man: Look outside, Pat. Is it raining already?
Woman: Not yet, but it’s not sunny either. Why are you asking?
Man: I’d like to take the dog out for a walk when I finish my homework.
Woman: Hurry up then because it’s cloudy and it may start raining soon.
Man: OK. I’ll finish my homework later.
Tekst 3.
Woman: Harry, have you decided what to wear to Amelia’s party?
Man: Yes, I’m going to put on jeans, a T-shirt and a sweater, as usual.
Woman: Oh, why not wear something more elegant for a change? How about a white shirt and a tie?
Man: No way! Everyone else will be wearing T-shirts. I’d feel silly in a shirt.
Woman: How about your new black jacket? That old striped sweater of yours is terrible!
Man: Fine, I’ll wear the jacket but forget about the shirt.
Tekst 4.
Woman: Let’s get dry and have something to eat.
Man: I’m not tired yet and I’d like to practise butterfly because I must be well-prepared for the school swimming competition next week.
Woman: OK. I’ll watch you swim then.
Man: We can wait for Pete and go to the cafeteria when he finishes working out in the gym. They’ve got delicious carrot cake there.
Woman: All right.
Tekst 5.
Woman: Hi Joanna, it’s Sue here. Paul called and asked me for advice. I think he wants to apologise to you but he doesn’t know how to do it. I promised him that I’d talk to you. How about meeting tomorrow at 5 p.m. outside the leisure centre?


1.1. Which musical instrument can Jack play?


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1.2. What is the weather like at the moment?


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1.3. What is Harry going to wear to Amelia’s party?


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1.4. Where are the people talking?


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1.5. Sue is calling Joanna A. to suggest a meeting. B. to say sorry. C. to advise Joanna what to do.

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Zadanie 2. Usłyszysz dwukrotnie rozmowę dwóch osób w restauracji. Na podstawie informacji zawartych w nagraniu dopasuj do każdej osoby (2.1.–2.4.) to, co zostanie dla niej zamówione (A–E). Wpisz odpowiednią literę w każdą kratkę. Uwaga! Jedno zamówienie zostało podane dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnej osoby.

Zadanie 2.
Man: Hi, mum! Where are dad and Jane?
Woman: They’ll be here in a moment. So, what will you have, Mark?
Man: Oh, I’m starving, so I think I’ll have a beef steak with chilli sauce. I had it last time and it was delicious.
Woman: Shall I order the same for Jane?
Man: Oh, no. She doesn’t like meat. I think she’d like something light. Have they got baked apples with cinnamon or an orange and apple salad?
Woman: No, not really. No fruit on the menu.
Man: What about some salmon?
Woman: That’s a good idea. She likes fish. I had some for lunch myself and I’m not really hungry.
Man: Are you going to have anything, mum?
Woman: Well, I feel like having something sweet. A piece of cheesecake or some chocolate muffins with a cup of coffee would be great.
Man: And something for dad…He doesn’t like fish or chicken. Oh, I know…Let’s order grilled peppers and tomatoes for him. He really likes them. Oh, here comes
the waiter.


2.1. Mark

2.2. Jane

2.3. mum

2.4. dad

A. vegetables
B. meat
C. fruit
D. fish
E. dessert

Zamówienie dla osoby 2.1. to:

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Zamówienie dla osoby 2.2. to:

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Zamówienie dla osoby 2.3. to:

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Zamówienie dla osoby 2.4. to:

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