Egzamin gimnazjalny 2011 język angielski 13

Egzamin gimnazjalny 2011

Zadanie 13.  Przeczytaj tekst. W zadaniach 13.1.–13.5. z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią tekstu. Zakreśl literę A, B lub C.


Green Day is a rock band that has won hundreds of awards in many countries, including the Best Band on the Planet Award. They have sold millions of records. People love their albums and their live shows. Green Day members are Tre, Mike and Billie Joe. They all left school to start playing in clubs around California. Tre’s dad drove them in an old van. They still love touring. They give their fans a lot of attention. They often pull kids from the crowd up on stage to play with them. Mike says, ‘I get nervous for the kids. I think they’re very brave.’ Sometimes, though, the boys get a bit mad; after all, they are rockmen! Once, after the concert, there was a fight between the band and some people from the audience.
Green Day may sometimes be bad boys but their songs are great. The group often sings about young outsiders – teenagers who are not accepted by society. Mike describes his life when he was a teenager: ‘I don’t know how many times someone criticised me because I seemed strange.’ Although the songs are serious, they are pleasant and easy to remember.
If you listen to any album, you will soon start singing along. Billie Joe explains how he writes the songs: ‘It has to come from the same place that a love song comes from, so sometimes I need a lot of time.’

13.1. Green Day started performing after they

A. stopped going to school.
B. won the Best Band on the Planet Award.
C. bought an old van.

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13.2. During their concerts the musicians

A. sometimes make other rockmen mad.
B. invite fans to take part in the shows.
C. usually fight with fans who get on stage.

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13.3. The group’s songs are often about

A. adults who criticise the way teenagers live.
B. the life of teenage musicians.
C. teenagers who are in some ways different.

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13.4. Which of the following is true about Green Day’s songs?

A. It takes little time to write them.
B. It’s not difficult to learn to sing them.
C. Their best songs are those about teenage love.

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13.5. The text comes from

A. a concert review.
B. a magazine.
C. a CD cover.

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