Egzamin gimnazjalny 2009 język angielski 2-3

Egzamin gimnazjalny 2009

Zadanie 2. Usłyszysz dwukrotnie trzy wypowiedzi na temat oglądania telewizji. Przyporządkuj do każdej osoby (2.1. – 2.3.) zdanie podsumowujące jej wypowiedź (A – D). Jedno zdanie podane zostało dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnej wypowiedzi. Za każdą poprawną odpowiedź otrzymasz 1 punkt.

This speaker:
A. is too busy to watch TV regularly.
B. prefers the Internet to TV.
C. is not allowed to watch much TV.
D. watches TV every day to kill time.

Zadanie 2.
There’s nothing to do when I get home from school so I just turn the TV on or go on the Internet. I don’t get lots of homework and I can’t afford to go out so I just stay at home with my friends and we watch TV. On Saturday and Sunday I watch even more!
I don’t have much time to watch TV. I watch TV from time to time, I think I watch two or three hours a week, but not every evening. I am at school all day and then I have a part-time job and a lot of homework to do. My mum records my favourite shows for me and I watch them all on a Saturday evening if I have the time!
I don’t have a TV! Everyone at school says it must be awful for me not to have a TV. But, the truth is, I’ve never had one so I don’t miss it. I sometimes watch something at my friends’ . I have a computer so everything I really need to see I can get on the Internet.

Odpowiedź 2.1

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Odpowiedź 2.2

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Odpowiedź 2.3

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Zadanie 3. Usłyszysz dwukrotnie rozmowę o szkole tańca. Na podstawie usłyszanych informacji zaznacz, które zdania (3.1. – 3.3.) są prawdziwe (TRUE – T), a które fałszywe (FALSE – F). Za każdą poprawną odpowiedź otrzymasz 1 punkt.

Zadanie 3.
Kate: Hello, this is Kate speaking.
Jeff: Hello, Kate, it’s Jeff. Kate, I want to ask you a few questions about the dance school
you go to.
Kate: No problem, Jeff. What do you want to know?
Jeff: First, where is it?
Kate: It’s in the city centre, next to the station.
Jeff: Oh, I thought you go to that famous dance school near here, opposite the supermarket.
Kate: No, it is too expensive. They wanted £2.50 for each lesson and at my school
I only pay £2.
Jeff: On which days is the school open?
Kate: It’s open every day except Thursdays. Classes for teenagers are on Mondays, then on
Tuesdays and Wednesdays there are ballet classes for small kids, and our classes are
again on Fridays.
Jeff: I see. Thanks a lot, Kate. Bye!
Kate: Bye, Jeff![/spoiler]

3.1. Kate’s dance school is opposite the supermarket.

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3.2. At Kate’s school, one dancing lesson costs £ 2.

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3.3. Kate’s dancing lessons are on Mondays and Fridays.

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